Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the road to recovery

Most of us are starting to feel much better now. I was feeling purty crummy for a while there. I'm reluctant to take much in the way of medicine, but there were a few times I just broke down and took a Sudafed. I was so miserable.

The boys are at about 90% now. They're still coughing, but not as bad as the beginning of the week. And they're back in their usual moods.

Poor baby Marc-Adam, though. He just can't kick this. He's had a fever since Monday (that I know of) that the Tylenol just isn't really helping. He had a temp of 102 this morning. I took him to the doctor Tuesday (who was a fill in for our regular pedi and who poked in Marc-Adam's ear with--I swear--a metal stick) who said it could be roseola. Hmmmm, maybe, but from what I've read roseola comes a fever of 103-105 and this morning was the highest it's been. Plus roseola also comes with decreased appetite. But he's been eating like a madman the last several days. Around the clock. And he's been really sleepy. We should find out if it's roseola when the rash shows up. We have an appt I made a few weeks ago with our regular doctor for a well-check tomorrow. I'm so glad.

About this fill-in doctor (I keep calling him the substitute doctor, but I hate that name because it sounds to me like someone who got his MD in a weekend crash course or something). Marc-Adam seemed to like him at first. He was an older gentleman who wore a beat-up Mickey Mouse watch and made cute whistly noises. I thought, "I think I like him...". Then out came the metal poking device. I was wondering what in the world he thought he was going to do with it and then he proceeded to dig around in Marc-Adam's ear with it. And when Marc-Adam started to scream, the doctor said, "Sometimes the tissue in the ear can be sensitive." Well, excuse me, sir, but I think any tissue is sensitive when you poke and dig at it with a metal stick. And then while he's holding Marc-Adam's head to the side to dig in his ear, the ears on his old Mickey watch were poking Marc-Adam in the eye. I had to move his hand several times. I asked if he could do that while I held him and he said no. I wanted to say, "But Dr Clarke lets me."

And after he examined his ears for forever he finally said, "Well, they look healthy." Well, they were before the poking device.

We won't be seeing the fill-in doctor again.


4andcounting said...

I'm a bit surprised they have not tested for pneumonia, especially if the family has been ill. My youngest son had a high fever with no other symptoms last November. The doctor said it could be roseola, and we wouldn't know until the rash showed up, or it could be pneumonia or something viral. He had me take Monster for a chest x-ray and blood work, just to be safe. It was not pneumonia after all. No roseola either.
If you are really feeling anxious, ask about pneumonia. And metal sticks should not go near ears.

Alli said...

They did do bloodwork and I guess it was clear. But he had a bit of what I think is diarrhea (hard to tell on a breastfed baby) so we're on our way right now to the doctor...meaning I shouldn't be sitting here checking my blog!;)

chewymama said...

poor baby! We had a really bad experience with a ped recently too. He was not kind to my JJ :( and wouldnt let me hold her either. Never let that guy be your Dr again! ugh!