Friday, November 30, 2007

An indication of my cooking...and why no one eats it.

While I was making lunch the other day, Stephen walked in, took a look around, glanced at the stove where lunch was cooking, walked out and said to himself:

"Hope it doesn't catch on fire again."

Gee. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well, I did it.

We had "the talk" with Stephen (and Zachary, but I don't think Zachary even paid attention to the fact that we were in the same room). You know, the talk about Santa Claus. We've "done Santa" from the beginning and I've hated it. It took a lot of courage dug up from my mommy instinct, but Sweet Hubbby and I finally agreed to 'fess up and tell the truth. Actually Sweet Hubby did most of the talking (and did a great job) and we told him that St. Nicholas was a real man who loved God so much that he did exactly what Jesus told us to do and he loved everyone, and he showed that love by giving food and gifts in secret to people who were very poor and had nothing. And then when St. Nicholas died, people admired him so much that they started to pretend to be him and they started giving gifts in secret (and also started calling him Santa) and telling stories about him. We told him that LOTS of people pretend to be Santa...even Daddy. At that point, it seemed to click for him. He said, "And Papa and Poppy?" We agreed and told him that we could still pretend and have fun doing all the stuff we did last year (baking cookies and leaving them for Santa and getting up together to see what Santa brought). We asked him if he had any questions and he said, "What about Mrs. Clause?" Lol.

So I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. We went to Wal*Mart the other day and they had a "Santa". Stephen was excited (this was before the talk) and went to take a picture with him. He carried the picture through the store and then a little while later said, very thoughtfully, "Mama, I don't think that man was really Santa Clause." We had a nice little discussion about most of the mall/store Santas not being Santa Clause. I think it was a good segue in to the talk we had the next day.

In protection of other children, we told them that this was a huge secret that only really big kids know, so they couldn't say a word to other kids about it. Stephen's surprisingly good at keeping secrets (he never even lets on that he knows a secret), so I'm not too worried. But there is a little nagging feeling that my kid will be the one to ruin it for someone else's kids.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ah, recovery. Almost. We still have one more family get together for Thanksgiving tomorrow, but for the most part, we've winded down our Thanksgiving festivities and are firmly in the Christmas mode. We got our tree up on Tuesday because Sweet Hubby was off and we weren't sure when we'd have another chance to do it anytime soon. All of this year's ornaments are bought and the Christmas movie watching has commenced.

I went shopping with my mom and cousin yesterday. We were out of the house at 7:30. I want to be one of those that are in the Wal*Mart with list and ad in hand at 5:00am, I really do. The chaos is fun and the crowds don't bother me, but at this point in my life, it's just not an option. Maybe next year when I'm not nursing anymore. Of course, Wally World and others are going to have to come up with some better Black Friday deals to make it worth my while. The "deals" this year were a little underwhelming. But I did get some deals...I did not walk away empty handed. I only bought a few things and walked away $100 under budget. Yay! Which allowed to me to work more things into the budget that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.

I'm almost done with Sweet Hubby's gifts for Christmas. Just one more thing and I'm done. The kids will be easy this year. Bunk beds, a bike, an easel and a couple of small toys and CDs. I've covered a few other people on our list, but I still have more than half of my list to finish.

I'm usually not at all choosy about what I want for Christmas. Every few years, I set my heart on a pricier item, but for the most part, I don't know what to ask for and it's not really important to me to get anything. But. This year, I have a my eye on a few big ticket items. And I *think* I might actually get them. I'm pretty sure I'm getting this (right, Mom?? *grin*). Which makes me happier than I can say. I've been hinting at Sweet Hubby for a while that I'd really like an MP3 player and the hints have been getting more and more obvious with the last hint being, "I want an MP3 player for Christmas." I think he was perceptive enough to pick up on that subtle statement. I hope. And at first I thought I was going to be a snob about it and insist on an iPod, but after doing a little research, I don't think it's going to matter to me at all. He's been acting like he's got it covered and that's what I'm getting, but I don't know how since it's not in the budget. I can't wait to spend an afternoon finding and downloading all the perfect songs. I've even promised Stephen that he can have a few songs on it so he can borrow it. He's been begging for an iPod (LOL), but that's just so not gonna happen. But maybe I'll think about a cheapy off brand for his birthday. The one thing that's probably going to have to wait till next year is a Kitchenaid mixer (pink...or maybe red). I've wanted one for a few years, but they're so expensive, I won't buy one for myself and they're too much to ask for as a gift. But I might start saving up in January for next year's Christmas so maybe we can work it in to the budget. I can't think of what I would actually use it for, but I think I'd find something to whip up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Happy Visit

Stephen had his very first dentist appointment today. He was very excited and it went very well. No cavities! He looked so grown up and gave the ladies no problem. He thought he was the coolest kid ever (he didn't get much disagreement from me, either). My camera almost died but I was able to squeeze a little more life out of it by talking real sweetly to it, so I got some cute pictures.

Climbing up in the chair

Flipping through a magazine while being patient

You see how he's got his hands/arms?? They're propped behind his head! Have you ever been so comfy in the dentist's chair?

Getting his teeth "counted"


It's been an interesting few days around here. Every single person in my house came down with that stomach virus I mentioned. If you've been anywhere near my house in the last week or so, I pray for your health. If you've been near my house and have recently been reacquainted with your toilet, that would probably be courtesy of my sweet family. My sincerest apologies. Count yourself blessed if you haven't.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Yesterday was Zachary's birthday and I intended to post this then. But the computer was acting up last night and the last few days I've been entirely too busy losing a few pounds thanks to the stomach virus I caught from the kids. So it's a day late.

To my sweet sweet Zachary,

You are three years old today. Which is kind of weird to me because it seems like you've been around all my life. It's so hard to imagine my life without your sweet little spirit in it. Your spirit fills a room where ever you go and it's weird to me that not too long ago, you weren't even here.

This has been a fun year with you. You learned a lot and you make it clear that you are learning more and more every day. Your newest accomplishment that you like to show off is jumping up and down. You'll be in the middle of intense playing and you'll stop what you are doing to say, "Hey, Mama, watch this!" And you'll start jumping until you nearly fall over. As of right now, you can count to 13 without skipping numbers. After that, you miss a few before you get to 20. You know about 20 (give or take a few) of your letters and you're actually better at identifying the sound a letter makes than you are at giving the name of the letter. One of your favorite things is curling up with me to read, especially your SpiderMan or VeggieTales books. Larry Boy is a favorite as well and when ever it's your turn to pick a CD to listen to, you always choose Larry Boy. I think I know every word to every Larry Boy song ever made.

I love how you get stuck on things...For a while, you had to wear your Superman cape 24/7, until your Grammy couldn't stand it anymore and peeled it off of you to wash it. And then for a little while you had to wear nothing but "stripey" shirts. To this day, the sight of a "stripey" shirt still makes you happy. And that's just so funny to me.

You found your first crush this year. You are in love with the 11 year old neighbor girl. You hug her and kiss her and tell her you love her all the time. You also freak her out by doing weird things like smelling her.

Your personality is really starting to shine. You have this interesting combination of being laid back and kinda uptight at the same time. You're really laid back in your relationships. Most of the time, you let Stephen (and sometimes Marc-Adam) treat you any ol' way. You let him call the shots and you happily follow. But at the same time, when you're tired of something he's doing, you have no problem letting him know. But you are a little fussy about other things. Your clothes can't have the slightest drop of wet on them, or you need an entire change of clothes. And you can't be convinced that your clothes aren't wet or that they'll dry very soon because it's only a drop of water. In fact, once you've set your mind on something, anything, it's very hard (sometimes impossible) to convince you of anything else.

If I had one thing to remember about your third year, it would be the development of your sense of humor. You are so stinkin' funny. We call you "The Comedian". You love to make us laugh....all the time. Even when it's not appropriate. Your daddy and I will be disciplining you for something and you'll make a funny face or start talking in a funny voice to make us laugh. It seems like you have an inate sense of "comedic timing". You learned the value of a good joke and you know exactly how to deliver. You also learned to tease which helps you fit perfectly in to this family. You especially like to tease Daddy when he gets hurt while y'all are say in a funny little voice, "Aw, you need a band-aid?" And you aren't being sympathetic. It's clear that you are poking a little fun at him. You are my social baby. You are shy at first with people you don't know, but it's obvious you love being around other people because you can't stand to be by yourself. You crave personal time and physical touch. You love curling up at my side (or with your Daddy or Grammy or anyone that you know loves you) and just being with us. Then you'll look over at me and give me a kiss for no reason. Then you'll start to stroke my hand. All day long, you are free with hugs and kisses. You love to play in my hair and face. It seems like if you are within arms reach of me, you must be touching me.

I absolutely love watching your personality blossom. It's hard not to smile after every conversation with you. Sometimes it seems that your personality is too big for that tiny little body of yours. I can't wait to see what you're like when you grow in to it.

I love you, my dear. Thank you for the smiles and the laughter and the kisses. Here's to many many more.

Your mama

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday-Backwards Edition

Today is WFMW-Backwards Edition which means we get to ask questions and hopefully they get answered by the wonderful people who follow RIMD.

My predicament--My oldest son will be 5 in January. We're currently homeschooling him and he's smart as he can be. We've had no issues....he's reading and doing simple math. Except that his writing is atrocious. I can't figure out how to teach him to correctly hold a pencil since I've never done it correctly myself. Getting him to write is a sure and quick way for us both to dissolve to tears.

So here's my question: Is he too young? Is this something I should hold off on for a while? I would normally do that in any normal situation, but because he's a little bit further ahead in other ways, it's getting a little difficult to get very far in our math/reading curriculum without him being able to write. Should I keep trying to get him to do it right? Are there any techniques I could use (besides the tissue holding one...he LOATHES that)? What about a good, affordable handwriting curriculum for very young children....anyone have any recommendations for that?

I know there are scores of people way smarter than me on this subject...please answer with anything you've got!:)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Birthday pictures part deux

More pictures...scroll down to the previous post for the first set.

Me and Marc-Adam (showing off my newest haircut for those who haven't seen it):

Marc-Adam opening presents (with a lot of help):

Z opening presents (with just a little help):

Z modeling one of his gifts:

Fun was had by all!

Birthday pictures

Some fun pics of this weekend's festivities (and for the record, I had my house back in normal working order by this morning!):

The best I could get of all three of my boys:

It was really good cake...and Zachary could prove it:

Stephen and Bubby:

Marc-Adam's cake, courtesy of my Mama:

Zachary's "Super Z" cake, also courtesy of my Mama

Monday, November 05, 2007


Well, we had the big party this weekend. May I just say that as much fun as we had and as much as I love my boys and the rest of our extended family, I'm so glad it's over. Throwing a big party of nearly 40 people (15 or more of them kids age 6 and under) in my home is way more out of my comfort zone than I'm willing to go ever again. Well, at least until the next party. In January.

I've got lots of great pictures. My mom made some fantastic cakes and then everyone walked around with blue lips after eating it. Someone gave Marc-Adam some of the blue icing while I wasn't looking and when I saw him a few minutes later, my heart sunk for just a second because I thought something was terribly wrong with him because it was obvious by the blue lips that he was having trouble breathing. Not a nice thing to do to a mama's heart.

It was nice having all the family gathered to celebrate my two littlest boys. And it's obvious that they are loved. Not only by the fact that so many people were there, but it was also obvious they are loved by the AWESOME gifts they received. Seriously, they got some of the coolest gifts this year.

The highlight of the weekend for me was my sweet cousin and her children and my aunt coming to visit and staying overnight. We talked till the wee hours of the morning and visited in a way that I don't think we've ever done. And I'm so glad we did. Katie, Auntie K, it was wonderful to have you and your visit was such a blessing. More than you know, I think.

As soon as I can find my camera in the party aftermath, I'll post pictures.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

According to the boys

Some things my boys have said recently.

Zachary to me while I was making his lunch: Mama, you're my best girl.

And then I mopped myself off the floor to serve lunch.


Stephen and I were having a discussion about Spanish. I asked him (just to see what he would say) what language we speak. His response:

"The real kind".


And of course, I had to add some additions to the Sweet Boy Dictionary.

What they say: Tato Banana
What they mean: Taco Cabana

What Z says: Cocoa Pebbles
What he means: : The Flinstones

What Z says: tater tots
What he means: apricots

What Stephen says: consequence
What he means: consonants

What Marc-Adam says: heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
What he means: Please, Mother, if you don't mind, please may I have some more of those delicious Goldfish crackers? Can I just have the whole box?