Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A day of great joy

Zachary and Marc-Adam were baptized this weekend. It was so special to us. Especially since we've really gotten to know the people in our church and they have embraced us and loved us (and they especially love our kids and have been extra sweet to them).

Some humorous moments (mostly having to do with Stephen): Stephen was playing around while we were singing the song that we sing when kids get baptized and he fell down. Loudly. A few minutes before that he just sat down right in front of the altar. When I gave him the "hairy eyeball" he stood up....using my loosely fitting skirt for leverage. I thought he was getting ready to pants me. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. Then he proceeded to love on me by hugging my leg and rubbing my heinie.

Zachary wasn't feeling 100% and wouldn't let the pastor hold him. Then in the middle of the song we were singing to him, he said (in the only volume he knows: LOUD), "Mama, ho-uld me!"

While the pastor walked around with Marc-Adam showing him off to the congregation, Marc-Adam decided it was a good time to continue his experiment on just how far can he shove all four fingers into his mouth without gagging. The problem is, he hasn't quite figured out when to stop.

All in all, it was a great day spent with the family. Again, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures. Including a pic with the pastor and what Marc-Adam thought of the special day (this time with his Nonny).


4andcounting said...

What an exciting day! And I love your baby boy--every picture of him makes me smile big. Thanks for sharing him.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

M-A is really starting to look a lot like Zachary. I thought it was him sleeping at first.
What a nice day! And so glad you were able to keep your skirt on in church. :)

LaughterThoughts said...

now hopefully a proud grandparent was in the audience capturing all the memories with the camcorder! :)

ksl said...

So sweet! You family is just too cute!

chewymama said...

Praise the Lord! :)