Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The offending butterfly

I just had to add these pictures of our butterfly experience. The one of him looking at the camera with a funny look is about half a second before the screaming commenced.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

This cracks me up every time I think about it.

LaughterThoughts said...

now, why didn't you capture any pictures of the screaming?! :)

that is too funny!

we were at the state fair once, inside a building looking at all the art entries, and we saw a lizard on the floor. i picked it up to show it to the kids (B#1 was about 3 at the time) and she reached out to pet it. then my nephew (same age) went to pet it and got freaked out by it. lizard got startled and jumped. it was actually more of a great leap. right onto B#1's head, specifically into her mass of curls, where it was soon entangled. i couldn't stop laughing and she's jumping around hollering, her arms flying around, her hands furiously wiping at her head. (and because we were in the big open building, there was a lot of reverberation!) the tricky part was getting her to sit still long enough for me to get the lizard out of her hair. it was quite a scene. many, many onlookers trying to figure out what on earth was wrong with that child... and why her mother was smiling about it all! :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how awesome- I need to get to one of those butterfly places! My boys might react the same way, though!


Life With All Boys said...

That butterfly is HUGE!