Thursday, June 29, 2006

When Hormones Attack

*sigh* It's been a rough couple of days. I've not been in my normal upbeat, optimistic, lovin' life mood. I'm sure it's a combination of things....a 3 year old who has suddenly--for the first time in his life--decided he doesn't want to sleep...ever. Sleep deprivation from said 3 year old waking me up all night long because, apparently, he doesn't want me to sleep either. And hormones. Blessed hormones. The things that can turn any molehill into a scary mountain...that usually makes me cry. I just want things to go back to "normal". Normal's not always perfect or even fun, but it's my normal and I liked it. I want naptimes back since I feel I'm teetering on the fence between normal pregnancy fatigue and narcolepsy. I want to enjoy my kids again instead of feeling like I'm constantly barking at them. I want to feel like doing stuff again. I want to not feel like a monster when I'm up for the third time (before 2am) when Stephen wakes me up and my tone has seemed to reach a new octave. And speaking of being up in the middle of the night...I don't want to do that either unless I'm feeding a baby instead of "reasoning" with a preschooler. I want my evenings back with my husband and a full night's rest again. And it's at this point where the hormones kick in and make me feel like things will never be "normal" again....that I'll never be nice again, that I'll never enjoy life again, that I'll never sleep again....on and on and on.

I know I'm blessed....I always remind myself of that. But for some reason (probably back to those silly hormones again) that just isn't making me feel better right now.

Ok, whine over. For now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Don't color in your food....

There are times in my life as a mother (as I'm sure there are in the lives of every mother with small children) that I think, "What just came out of my mouth? What did I just say?" Being a mother of a toddler/preschooler seems to do something to seems to make you say things that sound totally and completely absurd. Of course, in the moment, it's just the right thing to say. Taken out of context or heard by a stranger, it's ridiculous. Here are just a small list of mine:

Don't color in your food!
No, vegetables do not wear underwear.
Get your foot out of your muffin.
Are you licking the TV?
Please, don't ride your brother.
Keep your spit in your mouth.
Take your sheep out of your pants, please.

Get the point? There have been so many of these moments for me. Hearing something like that come out of my own mouth tends to lighten a situation...whatever that situation might be. It just helps remind me what a wonderful job I have! Kids always keep things exciting and fun (even when I'm ready to pinch their heads off) and there is no such thing as an ordinary day!

I'm going to try to make an ongoing list of all the absurd things that I say over the years. I think it will be obvious when I'm done that I was the mom of three boys!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How much would it cost to ship a 55 lb box?

So, I ordered a bunch of toys recently from Discovery Toys (none of them for my kids, bad mama) that altogether cost $75. They came in a huge box--I'm not sure why, the toys weren't that big--that was full of packing peanuts. The kids got really excited when they saw that toys were in the box, but when I explained that the toys weren't for them, they got excited about the box. Now we've all heard (or said it ourselves) that you can buy a kid a $500 toy and he'll play with the box, but they had a GRAND time! I swear it was worth the $75 for someone else's kid just to get the box and the packing peanuts!! They played for over an hour. Stephen played "find the treasure" and Zachary played "make a mess". I saved the box and peanuts for a rainy day (or a "mommy's feeling lazy" day).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Adventures of Superboy!!

Well, I wanted to post something today so I didn't have one lone boring post on this sorry little blog (laughing at myself, not feeling sorry for myself), and I thought this would be a cute addition since I don't have anything fun to write today. I also wanted to try out posting a picture...

This is Sweet Boy #1 (or shall we say "A"), Stephen, 3 years old. He dressed himself up a few days ago and started running through the house yelling, "I'm Superman! Up and away!" I told him that I didn't think the hat and slippers would be aerodynamic. His daddy wanted to know how Superman got Batman's utility belt...and why it was upside down! Not sure what that face was about...all I know is that this was too cute and fun not to share! He never ceases to amaze me....

Monday, June 19, 2006

Here it is....for now

Ok, here's my first attempt at doing this. The more of this stuff I try to do, the more I realize how truly clueless I am about all things internet/computer/technical. Perhaps I can learn, but it will most likely be a slow process. But I'm excited about starting a blog. It'll be nice to lay out my life in this way. Maybe it will make life less of a blur! However, I reserve the right to, at any time, change my mind about all this depending on how it works for me. As in life, what doesn't work for me will quickly be ditched.

So here it is. I feel slightly silly and quite boring...but maybe that will get better.

Off to figure out cool things to do with this...