Friday, April 20, 2007

The big 1 double 0!

*Updating my last post about all our germies: Marc-Adam does indeed have an ear infection. I took him in yesterday because I didn't want to wait until today. I just hope he hasn't had it since Tuesday and the doctor missed it and now my baby's been in pain needlessly since then. He's on antibiotics now and should be back to himself soon. Moving along...*

It's my 100th post!! And in honor of the 100 pointless things I've rambled on about for 10ish months, here's 100 more pointless things all at once...with very little rambling.

100 Things About Me

1. I've never lived more than a couple hours from where I was born.

2. I am the "baby" of my family, but the only child between my parents.

3. My sister is from my mom's previous marriage and she is 10 years older than me.

4. My brother is from my dad's previous marriage, he's 6 years older than me.

5. I was only the one living at home after I was 9.

6. I consider myself an only child.

7. That's a title I love.

8. My parents spoiled me.

9. They still do.

10. But only because I appreciate it.

11. Most of the time.

12. Most people who know me don't even know my first name.

13. Alli isn't it.

14. It's not even my middle name.

15. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

16. I met my husband when I was 17.

17. We got married when I was 18.

18. When we told people we were getting married, many asked when the baby was due.

19. There was no baby.

20. And I hated that question.

21. I didn't go to college.

22. I got accepted to a college in Dallas.

23. But decided not to go after I met Sweet Hubby.

24. I can't imagine how different things would be if I had gone anyway.

25. I wouldn't be married to Sweet Hubby and I wouldn't have the 3 sweet boys.

26. I can't imagine my life without them.

27. Being the only female in my house (besides the dog), I'm the queen of my castle.

28. I love it and am actually afraid that we'll eventually have a little girl and I'll lose that title.

29. I plan on going back to school when my kids leave home and/or aren't as needy.

30. I'd love to be a nurse.

30. A labor and delivery nurse.

31. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a teacher.

32. A music teacher.

33. I'm glad I didn't do that.

34. I don't like other people's children.

35. But I love music.

36. I sang a solo in our Easter Cantata at church.

37. It was a song about how Jesus' mother Mary felt about the crucifixion.

38. I love to sing.

39. It annoys my children.

40. Apparently, they don't share my love of music.

41. Neither does Sweet Hubby.

42. Sweet Hubby doesn't read my blog.

43. It bugs me that he doesn't.

44. I guess he figures he gets enough of me in real life.

45. I like to talk. A lot.

46. He probably does get enough of me in real life.

47. I'm a very forgiving person and usually move past issues I have with someone pretty quickly.

48. I think life's too short to spend it in a huff.

49. I'm very sarcastic in real life.

50. I call it a sense of humor.

51. But I think it annoys other people.

52. Sometimes I say things in a sarcastic way, and realize afterward that the person I was talking to probably took it the wrong way.

53. And then I vow to try to shut-up more.

54. But then an opportunity for a sarcastic joke comes up and I can't help myself.

55. I love it when people laugh at my jokes.

56. I think my parents are the only ones that always laugh.

57. I love laughing at my own jokes.

58. But sometimes it's awkward when I'm the only one laughing.

59. But that doesn't stop me.

60. I really love it when I make Sweet Hubby laugh.

61. Especially when he laughs out loud.

62. I love his laugh.

63. There's been a few times I've had to tell him to go to the other room to laugh because he laughs so loud that I'm afraid he'll wake the kids.

64. I suck at housekeeping.

65. I also suck at time management.

66. Neither of those things make for a very good housewife.

67. So I make sure my title stays "stay at home mom" instead of "housewife".

68. Housewife sounds old to me anyway.

69. Stay at home mom sounds much more fun and interesting.

70. Especially when you add "to three boys..."

71. "...4 and under."

72. I realized after I had Stephen that the name of my biggest crush in high school was Stephen.

73. It took me a while to admit that to Sweet Hubby.

74. And then I realized recently that Adam was the name of a guy I was friends with in high school.

75. I had a small crush on him.

76. I've never known anyone named Zachary.

77. I only have one friend from high school that I'm still close with.

78. She's my best and dearest friend.

79. Even though I don't get to see her often, I love her and her family like my own.

80. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve and my feelings don't get hurt easily.

81. Because of that, I think I might be a little insensitive sometimes to other people's feelings.

82. But I really do try to be a nice person.

83. I'm a news junkie.

84. I watch way too much Fox News.

85. If you ask my kids what my favorite show is, they'll say Fox News.

86. I'm also a chocaholic, I try to eat healthy, but I will eat anything with chocolate.

87. I've never weighed more than 105 pounds except when I was pregnant and the month or so following.

88. I think I'm too thin.

89. I've never been able to give blood because of my weight.

90. I think I looked great and healthy when I was 9 months pregnant with Stephen.

91. I gained more in that pregnancy than the other two.

92. I was diabetic in my last two pregnancies.

93. I'll most likely be diabetic later in life.

94. I'm not sure if we're going to have anymore children.

95. We do plan on fostering/adopting, though, when our kids get older.

96. I try to keep an optimistic outlook on life and remember all my blessings when I start feeling sorry for myself.

97. I've been paranoid this whole time making this list that I've been numbering my list wrong.

98. I honestly didn't think I would have 100 things to say about myself and now I feel like I can keep going...

99. I'm actually getting ready to finish this while I only have 89 posts.

100. I just wanted to make sure I had time to finish it all!


LaughterThoughts said...

you'll still be the queen of your castle... you'll just have a princess or two or few!

i didn't get my "100 post" up with my 100th post, so i did it later and linked to it by my profile... if you're ever bored and need to pass some time. :)

Jenn said...

I'm glad Marc-Adam has been diagnosed properly and not with a metal stick this time! I hope he's back to normal soon.

I liked your 100 things :) It makes me wonder why you call yourself Alli :) Just one of those blog land thing, eh?

One Scrappy Gal said...

I was diabetic in my last pregnancy too. Stinks, huh?

I'm a lurker... decided to pop in and say "hi." I'm a chocoholic too. It was great reading your list and learning more about you. :)

I love to sing too and my family does not share my love either. I'm not good at it either...but why should that matter?

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Okay, it's amazing how many of these things I did not know about you. I DO know your whole name though. :)

I'm SO with you on 49-54 about the whole sarcasm thing. I'm exactly like that myself.

Clay doesn't read my blog either, and it bugs me too. I use it as a way to remember cute things the kids do sometimes and once I write it down I forget to tell him. That bugs him. But he still doesn't read it. Don't know why. I refuse to believe it's because he gets enough of me. :)

chewymama said...

So you dont like my kids? ;) heehee

and now Im dying to know what your real name is!! you have to tell us now!!! :)