Friday, April 27, 2007

Because we should all have a place at the table

Yesterday, the boys and I ate our afternoon snacks and caught an episode of Blue's Clues. It was the one where Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (or Mr. Pepper and Mrs. Salt, I can never remember) have a baby, Paprika.

Afterward, Zachary was lovin' on Marc-Adam and calling him his baby and telling Marc-Adam he loved him. Very sweet. So I asked both the boys if we should have any more babies (I'm still very much on the fence about whether I want any more, Sweet Hubby is pretty sure we're done). Zachary hestitantly shook his head yes. Stephen gave an answer I wasn't expecting.

"If we have any more babies, we won't have enough chairs."

Yes, sweetie, I guess you're right.

So I guess the real decision is whether or not we want more chairs.


Life With All Boys said...

We have the same issue. Only we will need one for the baby. We only have 4 chairs. But our table is an old hand me down. Good excuse to buy a new one!!!

chewymama said...

too funny :)

LaughterThoughts said...

we have the same conversation... we've had it about the table and about the car... that's why i plan on driving a 15-passenger van some day. :)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

We can relate. We have a table and 4 chairs, but, with the new baby, there are 5 in our family. Thank God for high chairs!!