Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WFMW~Pill Taking

I always feel weird about doing a Works for Me Wednesday because my tips are always so simple that I think everyone on earth must be doing them and I'm just so silly because I think I figured something out on my own and think that I need to share with the world. When the world already knew. But here goes one anyway, because I think it really could be a big help if people don't already do this.

Some pills are hard to take, right? Either they are really big or they are just plain nasty. When I was pregnant, I had to take an iron pill that was both. But I figured out a way to get it down without having to taste or feel it.

Before you put your pill in your mouth, take a good sized sip of whatever you are washing your pill down with. Then push the pill in your mouth (obviously, your mouth will have to stay closed since it's full of drink and you may have to suck the pill in a little) You have to be careful to not let the pill turn sideways, so it's best to swallow as quickly as possible. That's it. I never taste or feel pills anymore. You might have to try this trick a couple of times before getting it just right, but it's so much easier than the regular way of taking the pill then drinking the water.

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ttelroc said...

Never feel silly about posting a tip. I talk about mopping today. LOL

I have never had trouble with pills, until I started taking my multi-vitamin. That sucker gets stuck in my throat all the time! I'll have to try your suggestion tomorrow morning.

Have a great day!

Mommy Daisy said...

Ha, that's how I take mine too. My husband thinks I'm silly, but I can't get them down otherwise. And those iron pills are HORRIBLE!

K in the Mirror said...

Yup, that's how I do it too- before I figured it out I had to crush them up and put them in yogurt, and then they taste REALLY bad. :)

marigold said...

I also find if you "chase" with something tangy like orange juice, I don't have that icky pill aftertaste.