Thursday, June 19, 2008


So we finally heard back from the realtor. And the numbers he gave us were about $5000 lower than our lowest allowable number that we decided on. Bah.

So now we either sit tight for a while, or we try to get a second opinion. Although, I'm not sure it'll matter. I'm not sure if "second opinions" are customary in the home selling process. There's really no one else in town we want to use.



Kate said...

Poo. Are there any improvements that s/he suggests in the meantime?

I don't know about second opinions, especially if this is someone you would really trust to list your house. And I do think it's a good sign that s/he was honest with you about the price that you could get for your house right now.

It will work out when the time is right. Sorry, though. This is disappointing.

K in the Mirror said...

I was going to ask that too, if there were some changes you can make that wouldn't cost a whole lot but would make the house look more attractive to buyers- painting or whatever.

Or you could always list it a little above and come down- if somebody really likes your house maybe they would pay a bit more. Our friends listed theirs at the price they wanted, even though it was a little high, and some people moving here from new jersey thought it was the best deal ever and snapped it up. :)

Jana said...

I'm sorry that they didn't tell you the price you wanted to hear. The market is so bad right now that the realtors seem to be really cautious (at least all the ones we've talked to in the last few months).

Maybe the market will start looking up soon....keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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