Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The randomly randomness of random

The last two days I've been desperately trying to think of something to blog about that doesn't have anything to do with selling the house or the possibility of Sweet Hubby's job change. It's nearly impossible. So I decided to tell you some random things about myself. Aren't you excited?

(On a side note because obviously I can't NOT blog about the house or the job: We don't even have a sign in the yard yet or have a listing agreement signed and someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow. And Sweet Hubby called last night to tell me that his job change probably won't be happening. But I was asleep when he called and I keep feeling like the phone call might have been a dream.)

So. The random things.

*One of my greatest pleasures is eating a bag of peanunt M&Ms and finding one without the peanut. It is the goal of every bag for me.

*Sometimes when the kids aren't around and I'm just watching TV, I'll watch some of their favorite shows if there's nothing else on that interests me.

*I think I'm addicted to change. It occurred to me that we've had some kind of major change every 9 months-a year since we got married 7.5 years ago. We've moved three times (not counting the move to the first apartment), Sweet Hubby's either been promoted or completely changed job 5 times, we've had 3 babies (and I'm counting getting pregnant in my "9 months-a year" statement), we've had 6 different cars, we've repainted something in the house 5 times, and I'm constantly moving furniture around. Every once in a while I start to get itchy for a big change. Even when something good changes, I get excited about it.

*I ate Pringles and half a root beer for dinner the other night.

*I've had to cut back on watching Fox News because all the election talk is starting to make nervous now that we're down to one repub and one dem. I also had a dream where I had a conversation with Hillary Clinton. I decided it was time to turn the channel once in a while.

*I'm realizing now that I'm trying to get the house ready to sell that I must be hopelessly unorganized. If we move, I'm going to try to be so much better about it. I cleaned out Marc-Adam's closet yesterday and was just so irritated with myself.

*I still have clothes in my closet that I wore in high school. Not much because I have cleaned out my wardrobe several times in the last few years, but I still have t-shirts that I wore in high school (and one or two from junior high!) that I still wear.

*I have tan lines across the top of my feet from my flip-flops that I wear all the time.

*I have a hard time remembering my age and all my personal numbers because my brain is so filled up with everyone else's numbers. I hardly use mine anymore.


KatieBug said...

They sell M&Ms with no peanuts. :)

I also have clothes in my closet since high school, tan lines on my feet and I can never remember how old I am. :)

K in the Mirror said...

I am addicted to change also. I think that's why I'm so itchy about my job- I've been doing it six years and I'm SO sick of it. Same with our house. I want to move.

Kate said...

Life without change feels weird and wrong to me.

And I understand the non-peanut M&M feeling. I like the peanut ones, but sometimes it's fun to have a special one. And they're bigger than plain M&Ms.

Jana said...

Now I don't feel so bad about hanging on to those clothes from high school!

Mommy Daisy said...

I like change too. We've only moved once and had one child in 8 years of marriage though. I rearrange the furniture often because I can't have those other things. I can't wait to get a new house. And I can't wait to have another baby. I recently found myself wanting another one (which I have for a while) because I know I need a big change in my life. It's been stagnate lately.

I have a hard time remembering my age too. I get confused about it often. That didn't happen before I was about 23-24.

nicole said...

I have flip-flop lines too. I do remember my age fairly easily. Somehow I keep all the kid numbers in my head, as well as a virtual calendar, without trouble.