Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buggy Update

After my post yesterday, the boys, who were still talking about putting the bug in the trash and trying to get rid of it, starting discussing between themselves what the natural predators would be for that kind of roach. When they decided a bird would eat a bug, they started to make bird calls, hoping to scare the bug out of the house. The fact that there was no open door or window didn't seem to bother them.

Before Sweet Hubby got home, my mother-in-law came by to pick us up so we could go run some errands. Zachary immediately reported the situation to her and she disposed of the bug for us.

All is right with the world.


Jana said...

I'm glad it turned out well. :)

Thanks for posting the story - I really needed a laugh yesterday!

KatieBug said...

That is SO great! My guys would be fine with the bug but afraid the bird would peck them. :)