Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our civic duty is done for the day

We voted! The kids were excited, even though I don't think they fully comprehended the whole process. But each of the older two boys got to help press our "Cast Ballot" buttons and Stephen helped me spin my little dial to make our selections. I was hoping we'd get some stickers like we have in the past, but we didn't. Darn. I was really in it for the sticker. :)

We had a little scare in our voting process. The place that we normally go to to vote told us that our name wasn't on the list and told us to try another precinct's polling place. I was worried that something had happened to our registration. But we headed over to the other precinct and sure enough, we were on that list. I think the change in polling places has something to do with where we vote in the primaries vs. the general election.

I'm excited and nervous to find out the results, but like I stated a few days ago, I'm relieved that this campaign season is over. I'm not naive enough to believe that this election is over yet, though. I have a feeling this thing might drag for a few days at least. And it is a little disheartening that no matter who wins this election, at least 50% of the country won't be happy. People just feel so strongly about it.

So I hope you've voted. An opportunity to help make such a huge decision doesn't come along every day.


Kate said...

I think it's really great that you took the boys with you. I would be sad about no stickers. I was sad about it when we voted early.

I hope it's over soon. Very soon. And I agree--I hate that half the country is going to be very unhappy with the results. However it shakes out, I'm ready to get to the reconciliation phase of this.

Mommy Daisy said...

I feel like this could drag out a bit too. I'm hoping not for long, but only time will tell. The early results we're seeing right now (8:00EST Tuesday) are not completely promising for McCain.

Jana said...

How neat that your boys participated in the process with you. I wanted Sydney to help me, but I was afraid Miss Loudmouth would announce to the room who I was voting for!