Sunday, November 16, 2008

Freak. Out.

That's pretty much what I did in church this morning (literally in front of God and everybody) when Sweet Hubby pointed something out to me. Apparently, this conflicts with the big deal music ministry Christmas program that I'm a part of at our church. I do this kind of thing all the time, where I plan two things to happen at the same time and it never clicks to me that they happen AT THE SAME TIME. I talked briefly to the music director and he told me he would tear me to shreds if I didn't come to the program. Nice. He wasn't mean about it and he was smiling. He wouldn't actually be ugly about it, I'm sure, but I know he really wants every voice there and every single person is important to him. So we're trying to figure out how to make both things work. The kids really really want to go the concert AND the tickets were a gift. The tickets also have our names on them and state that they may ask for ID at the door to make sure that the tickets actually belong to the people presenting them.

I think we're going to try to do both, but it's going to make for a hectic night and we'd miss a large chunk of the concert.

I'm so sad.


Jana said...

Oh no! I hope you can work both of them would be terrible to have to miss either of them!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh no, I hate when major conflicts like that come up. Good luck.

Another note: You won a DVD giveaway on my blog. I don't have your e-mail address or I'd send a message. Please e-mail me your mailing address, so I can get that out to you. Thanks.