Thursday, August 14, 2008


I recently realized that when Stephen was Marc-Adam's age, I had Zachary. And when Stephen was Zachary's age, I had Marc-Adam. C.R.A.Z.Y. I love all my boys dearly and don't even want to imagine life without them, but sometimes I wonder what the heck we were thinking! When I hear about someone getting pregnant while their youngest (or only) is 1 year old, I think, "Wow, their kids are going to be really close together!" Then I realize, WAIT, I did that! TWICE. Even now, Marc-Adam seems so young to be a big brother. He's my baby. But I do love that my boys are so close in age. And that not even Stephen will be able to remember a day when he wasn't a brother.

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Jana said...

That really is crazy! But in a fun crazy way, not a weird crazy way.

And boy am I glad to hear that having them close together really CAN be a positive. Little E was a "surprise" and having two boys 18 months apart is driving me crazy, but your boys give me hope that it WILL get better!