Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Believe it or not, this actually IS worth blogging about

For a while now, Sweet Hubby has been encouraging me to try my hand at cooking fish. If you know me at any level, you should know that my dislike--no, hatred--of anything that at one point lived in the water runs deep. Fish hate runs through my blood and is much a part of me as my brown hair and brown eyes. But to humor him, I've tried twice in the last 7.5 years of our marriage to cook--and eat--fish. Neither time turned out well. In fact, the last time I made it, not only did I want to run screaming from the dinner table, no one else would touch it.

But he's been working on me for a while now to try again. He pulled out the big guns last week when he reminded me how healthful and "good for you" fish is. Well that did it. I know how healthy fish is, but to know that he knows how good it is and still wants to eat it means I should take advantage of that opportunity.

So. Today was our big grocery run. I actually put fish on the menu for tonight's dinner. I actually went to the grocery store with fish in mind, and actually walked up to seafood counter (trying my hardest not to gag as I rang the bell) and placed my order. Then, I actually drove home with *shudder* fish in my car. And then. I cooked it. And y'all...I ate it.

*Pausing to let my parents and dear friends pick themselves up off the floor.*

I made tilapia. I baked it in lemon butter and Mrs. Dash. It turned out well and I ate all of it (although, very reluctantly). The kids even ate it and at one point Stephen proclaimed that I was the best fish maker in the world. It wasn't terribly "fishy" and that helped tremendously. It's that yucky fishy smell and flavor that makes me shudder and gag at just the thought (I literally had to stop typing that last sentence so I could shudder and gag at the thought of the fishy smell).

I ate fish.

And now my melodrama is over.


Kate said...

That is blog-worthy. Very. I am very impressed. It's taken me a lot to get to like fish. Some fish. Sometimes. And I don't even do the cooking. So, I am very, very impressed with you.

And I am with you, gagging and shuddering over the fishy smell. Ugh!

kel said...


I am most impressed.

And I might need the recipe. My hubby has been after me about it too and I feel the same as you. But if you can do it....

nicole said...

I am not a fish fan either. But maybe now I will try it.

beth - total mom haircut said...

This is so funny. I actually love fish and the whole time I was reading this I was thinking, "Oh, I hope she gets tilapia - that's a good first fish." When you're ready for another tilapia recipe that everyone will eat, let me know - it's one of the only things I can get everyone in my house to eat! But I'll let you take a rest for a while first and regain your strength:)

KatieBug said...

WOW! I feel the same way! I looked at fish last time I was at the store. I had it in my hand and then chcikened out and put it back. You are a braver woman than me!