Friday, July 04, 2008

What the heck was that?

Stephen and I are getting ready to take a day trip out of town this afternoon. I'm milling around and getting things packed and he sees the shirt that I'm wearing tomorrow hanging up on a door knob. He tells me, "MAMA!! I love this little dress you have!"

"It's a shirt, honey."

"Oh. Well, isn't it a little small for you?"

"No, it fits. I'll wear those pant with it."

"Hm. Lemme see."

He then proceeds to bring the shirt over and put it up to me, and then looks me up and down.

"It's a pretty shirt."

And then he walks out of the room.


KatieBug said...

Next thing you know he will be holding underware up to your bum while shopping. :)

Kate said...

Haha! Good to hear that he approves of your fashion choices. =)