Sunday, July 20, 2008

And it's NOT called an outfit

Earlier this evening, I met Zachary in the hall and realized he had changed into his favorite Buzz Lightyear jammies. I said, "Oh, Zachary! Did you get yourself into your jammies all by yourself?" He said, "No, I'm just playin' dress up."

Not realizing he can hear us, I hear Sweet Hubby say from the other room, "Oh, lord, Zachary, you should have just put your jammies on."

Apparently, Sweet Hubby has a problem with calling that game "dress up".


KatieBug said...

Love had a problem with it for a long time too but playing "Costumes" is just not the same. :)

LaughterThoughts said...

My boys love to dress up (yes, we call it "dress up") in their jammies, too- Superman, Batman, Spider-man... B#3 loves playing super hero. He has a Mighty Thor costume that he puts on all the time.

The girls are pretty much always princesses.

go figure. :)