Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shark tooth

A couple weeks ago, Stephen was eating a rice cake and realized that his tooth was loose. It was the first tooth he ever had. Then about a week later, I noticed that the adult tooth was growing up behind it. I admit, I freaked out a little. I took him to the dentist and all is fine. I called him "Shark Tooth" since he almost had two rows of teeth.

Today, Sweet Hubby had a doctor's appointment and my mom met us at the office to help with the kids. I went back to the exam with Sweet Hubby and when we came out, Stephen came running up "Hi Mom and Dad!" and I immediately noticed that his tooth was gone. I was so sad that we've spent all this time talking about it and wiggling it and it fell out in the 30 minutes I wasn't with him. But he's SO excited.

He's just precious with the tooth gone. The adult tooth will take some time to find it's proper place, so for a while, it will look like there's no tooth there. I just can't help but look at him smile and think that his smile will never be the same. And I remember thinking the exact same thing exactly 5 years ago when that same tooth first popped out. He looks so grown up....and soon more teeth will fall out and adult teeth will come out.

And then he WILL be grown up.

As much as I love the gummy grins of babyhood, I think I'm going to love the gap-toothed grins of childhood.


LaughterThoughts said...

And then those new ones come in and are so huge on their little faces. :) Especially when it's the top front ones!

KatieBug- since I'm sure you'll be coming by here- I've tried to stop by your blog but haven't been able to for quite a while since you've gone private. I've been wanting to see updates and baby news, etc! Hope all is well for your fam-

Jana said...

They grow up so fast! I just love those gap-toothed grins, too.

P.S. Thanks for all the advice on chores/nagging....it's slowly, but surely, getting better around here.

KatieBug said...

What a big milestone!!

Bubby wants to loose a tooth so badly!! I'm a little afraid of what will happen to his smile since the dentist already said there is no room for big teeth and he will need braces really early.

Laughterthoughts- I sent you an invite. :)

Alli said...

Katiebug, like I said his new tooth is already in and it's too big for the space it's supposed to be in. There's definitely orthodontia in our future.

chewymama said...

isnt that an emotional mommy day?! I was so teary when Noah lost his first tooth. Right now the two top, front teeth are both really looose - Ill probably cry when he starts sporting the two-front-teeth-missing look. Our babies are getting so big!!!!