Sunday, July 06, 2008

Let's play "Who's Going Down First?"

Sibling rivalry.


I don't think that term does the actual relationship justice.

It's like "morning sickness". Uh, yeah. Right. Try using that phrase around a woman who has had her head in a toilet around the clock for 5 months.

Sibling rivalry. Sure.

I think the more appropriate term for what's happening in our house is "Sibling Death Match".

Rivalry. Pfffft.


Jana said...

Too funny! Somedays I wonder if both my 5 year old and toddler are going to live to see another day.

Kate said...

There are four in my family. There were days that it was a cage match with all of us in the cage at the same time. Bad news.

We are all still alive. We are all still speaking to each other. There's hope for your guys.

And I love the analogy!

K in the Mirror said...

That is funny. And although Stephen's older, I would think Z's scrappy enough to totally hold his own in a fight. Not a clear winner? Or does one of them win most of the time?

Alli said...

K, let's not forget Marc-Adam. He may be a little, but he is a formidable foe and he's young enough to not yet be afraid to use a weapon. Usually, there's not a clear winner, but Stephen often gives in to the other two. But he also seems to have a little passive-aggressive in him because the other two "accidentally" get hurt while they are playing a lot.

KatieBug said...

SO TRUE!!! CreamPuff has started biting the older boys since we brought Peanut home. Brings a whole new level to the game.