Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

As we were starting our day, Zachary asked what was for dinner (no, we hadn't even eaten breakfast yet and yes, they do ask about food 2 0r 3 meals in advance). I told him I didn't know yet, I couldn't remember what was on the menu.

Stephen was quiet for a few seconds and then quietly said, "You."

A few seconds later as he realized what he just stumbled upon, he told Zachary again, a little louder, "Zachary, we're gonna eat you for dinner." Big grin shot my way. I tried to stifle my giggle.

Zachary blew him off at first, but the more Stephen said it, the more serious he sounded and the more worried Zachary looked. I was just going to let it fizzle out on it's own, but it was obvious Stephen was having too much fun to back down, and Zachary was getting a little frantic. At one point, I think I heard Stephen say that when he was a baby, he had another brother and we ate him. I had to end it there.

But it was funny.

And it sounded like something Sweet Hubby or I would say. Only we would know when to stop.

I wonder when Stephen and/or Zachary will tell Marc-Adam that he was adopted.


KatieBug said...

It would save on the grocery bill! :)

Jana said...

Too funny! I can't wait til my boys are old enough to joke like that!

Kate said...

K & I were laughing about this earlier.

And you're right--it's only a matter of time that the older ones are telling Marc-Adam that he's adopted.

chewymama said...

too cute! im impressed that Zachary took it so well. That would have erupted into a total war between my two for sure.

K in the Mirror said...

I totally went through a phase of trying to make my sister believe she was adopted. It was fun.