Friday, July 11, 2008

That's some mighty efficient churchin'

So the boys have been attending VBS at a local church this week. Stephen's been calling it "Vocation Bible School". Teaching the kids about the love of Jesus and preparing them for life by teaching them a trade. That is a church with a mission.


He also was telling me about some of the snacks they've been enjoying. Here's the conversation we had about a particular treat called "Stick Together Campfire":

Me: You should tell me all the ingredients so that maybe we can make it together.

Stephen: need english muffins, cream cheese, pretzels, candy corn and raisins. Oh, and have to have Oreos.

Me: So how do you make it?

Stephen: You put the cream cheese on the muffin, then you stick the pretzel in the middle and stick the candy corn in the pretzel and you put the raisins around the edge.

Me: So what do you do with the Oreos?

Stephen: Oh. You just eat those.


The kids are supposed to be showing off what they learned at VBS during that church's services on Sunday morning. It's not our denomination of church, but the boys are very excited so we're going to visit this weekend. I talked to a church member and deacon today (so I could kinda get an idea of what to expect since I've never been to this denomination of church) and they said they may or may not have childcare for the kids, but that they were welcome to come to worship with me. I just had to smile sweetly at them and thank them for that offer....they obviously have not met my children. The idea of sitting an entire church service--one that we are visiting and are not familiar with--with all of my kids, by myself, makes me want to hide under the pew...and I'm not even there yet. But I want to support my boys on something they are so excited about. They've been practicing their songs all afternoon.

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KatieBug said...

There is NO WAY I would be able to get anything out of a sermon if I had all the kids with me. It takes every bit of concentration to keep them from jumping on the chairs or running onto the stage.

Those snacks sound really fun!