Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simple Satisfaction

Here's a sort of meme that Shannon started and that my cousin did. I thought it looked fun, so here's a short list of some small, simple things that are very satisfying and that make me happy:

*watching my kids eat ice cream cones or homemade cookies

*sending someone an e-mail and then having them reply immediately (it tickles me to think that that person is sitting at their computer at that very moment, too)

*thin cut, homemade onion rings

*seeing my kids show a small act of kindness to a stranger

*getting the kids to bed on time, crawling in to bed with my favorite marshmallow cookies and watching LOST with Sweet Hubby

*playing hide and seek with all the boys and Sweet Hubby

*the way Marc-Adam pats my back when I pick him up

*the way Marc-Adam says "thank you" ("tin too?")

*reading out of chapter books with the kids at night (I love how they remember what happened in previous chapters/books and how excited they get to see what happens next)

*my pink rubber gloves

*my "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" ringtone

*the smell and sound of sauteeing onions

*how Z says "chocolate" ("shockwit")

*waking up before anyone else in the house is awake


Adventures In Babywearing said...

This was really sweet! I feel the same way about getting emails sometimes!


K in the Mirror said...

That onion thing must run in the family. One of my very favorites too.

And shockwit. Good stuff.