Sunday, May 25, 2008

VERY interesting

Not quite sure what I think about this. (Scroll down to the very bottom and read the paragraph that says, "Contest open to...." on the bottom right of the page.)

On the one hand, I think they should be allowed to make whatever rules they want for their contest. It's their company, their contest, their prize. We can't just boycott because we don't like they way they've set it all up. We CAN however make a choice to not patronize their restaurant. But we certainly don't need to grab our torches and pitchforks. On the other hand, it's slightly offensive that they are so explicit about their ruling. There's not even an explanation (although, any rational thinking person could probably see why they've excluded homeschoolers, even if it's still not a good explanation).

And by the way, in Texas a homeschool IS a private school. So there. I think some homeschooler should enter and then when they win, they should point to Texas law that says so.


K in the Mirror said...

Hmm. I guess they want to give all the public school kids a fighting chance? :) I think it's weird- why go to the bother of excluding home schoolers? They're the ones most likely to write well thought out essays questioning the policy.

Jana said...

Interesting, indeed. And sad. It's hard to believe such a large corporation would be so biased!

Kate said...

I'm hoping (?) it's ignorance. Some people have no idea what homeschooling is all about. Or the legal nature of what you're doing. And unfortunately, I'm not at all surprised that a large corporation would be so biased. I'm surprised that they wouldn't do their homework, though, because as you said, all the homeschoolers do. =)

I think that lots of people are just completely ignorant. They don't have any idea and I don't think that they WANT to. Hopefully, lovely intelligent homeschoolers like you will eventually change people's minds.

I really need to post some of the answers I got to my essay question about homeschooling. Those kids sure aren't an advertisement for public school.