Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My week-brought to you by the letter P

Peaches~We took the boys to an orchard yesterday to pick peaches (we did this last year as well, I might have blogged about it then). It was so much more fun than last year because we went early in the morning and besides it being cooler, the kids were in much better moods first thing early in the morning. I never really liked peaches until we picked our own last year. I still don't eat them often, but these are really good. Stephen's eaten three today. Marc-Adam even ate one (he had to eat it whole as he refused to eat one when I chopped it up). Zachary tasted one and still doesn't like them. Anyway, we got a large box full. Last year, I made lots of baby food for M-A and froze it. This year, I have no idea what we're going to do with all these peaches. I guess we'll be eating lots of smoothies and maybe fruit salad.

Piano~My piano came yesterday! I'm very excited about it. The kids love it. It sounds much better than I thought it would. However. It is very large. Large. Much larger than I anticipated. It sticks out quite a bit in our living room. Making the rest of my furniture look like doll furniture. I suggested to Sweet Hubby that maybe we could move it to a different part of the living room. He moved it yesterday along with my dad, father-in-law and cousin (THANK YOU GUYS!). After I suggested moving it....well, let's just say that if looks could kill.... I'd at least be in a coma. So it might stay there for a while. Drawing all attention from everything else in the room. Which I guess could be good since my floors are in need of a good clean.

Promotion~I just got a call from Sweet Hubby saying that his manager pulled him to the side earlier to tell him that he (the manager) told HR that Sweet Hubby is promotable now. Which means a promotion may be in our very near future. Please pray about that for us.

Pfamily (I know, let's pretend the P is silent, just roll with it)~ I haven't blogged about our weekend, but we spent it with my cousins and aunt who might be the nicest people, well, ever. I always enjoy spending time with them and I wish we could live closer so that we could do that whenever we want. The kids all get along splendidly together, too. And I love the late-night talks. Can't wait to do it again in a few months. We got some great pictures of all the kids together. Which leads me to my last P....

Pictures~ I seem to have lost my camera so I can't provide proof of the peaches or the piano, but I can show just how cute my kids and "the cousins" (as my boys call them) are.

All our kids (8 of them! Under the age of 6! I daresay this is the best looking group of kids around):

My boys (I love the pictures we got of them):

Pfun, pfun stuff! :)


K in the Mirror said...

Cobbler! Make lots of yummy cobbler!
L. does that too, needing to eat things whole. It's like he thinks you broke it if you try to cut it up for him. It took me forever and a lot of wasted chicken nuggets before I realized that. :)

SO FUN this weekend! I do wish we lived closer.

Kate said...

I'm with K! =) We just saw peaches from Fairfield at the store tonight. I totally wanted some, but I got distracted, darn it!

I'm so excited for you about the piano! And, unfortunately, I am with the guys on moving it. Ryan and I moved a piano and nearly killed ourselves. We pulled/lifted it up STAIRS.

Praying about the promotion!

Pictures! I remain paralyzed by the pictures! Your boys are so stinking cute and I love the ones of all of the cousins. And I'm rather fond of that family. They kind of adopted me, and I'll hang around until they kick me out. =)

Jaime said...

how cute!!

LaughterThoughts said...

mmm... peach crisp. yums!

better find that camera!! i'd be so lost if i didn't have mine with me- it's literally with me all the time!

chewymama said...

adorable pictures!!!!!!