Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just a few tidbits from the last week at the Sweet House.

There was a major haircut last week. I hadn't cut his hair in months. It started to get curly, which fascinated me and it was so cute! It got hard for me to decide to cut it. But I finally did.

He also had a major milestone!

"My very own liberry card!"

Marc-Adam had a milestone of his own in that I had to put up a Pack 'n' Play to use for "time-out". This is what he thought of it.

I should have known.

And my new favorite picture of Zachary.

We've been doing some fun homeschooling stuff this week, too. I'll post details and pictures in a few days.

Also, I don't want to say too much yet, but I've got my eye on something big that I've been wanting for a while. A couple of friends got one of their own, so I decided to start looking for myself. I'm bidding on one on ebay right now. The auction ends tonight and so far, I'm the highest bidder. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be thinking good thoughts for me. It would be a dream come true to get it and if I win this auction, I'll be getting it for a STEAL!

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Jana said...

Wow! What a difference that haircut makes!

Good luck on your auction - I hope you get it!