Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You're voting, right?

Most of my readership is here in Texas, so I hope that most of you have voted or are going to vote later today. You can also take part in your caucus/precinct convention after the polls are closed. I'm still learning about what that really means, so I'm not sure I'll be participating in that. But do SOMETHING today, if you haven't already.

So because it's my blog and I can blather on if I want to, I'll tell you my thoughts (although most of you have probably already heard my thoughts and are tired of them...but once again, it's my blog, blah blah blah).

I was just about ready to get behind Rush Limbaugh's idea of conservatives voting for Hillary to keep the dems fighting and throw them off a bit. But then I decided that election officials probably frown upon voters vomiting on the voting machines and I'm pretty sure that's what I would do if my little dial-y thing went anywhere near her name. So, I'm voting for McCain. Now, I know many conservatives have a beef with McCain, but at this point in the process, I really think he could be the beauty contest winner in ugly town (in other words, the lesser of all the evils). And honestly, I think I like him. I'm a conservative, but a more moderate conservative. Not hard-core at all. I've heard of the repubs and conservatives (apparently, there's a difference, but I'm not sure what that is) saying that when they voted for McCain it wouldn't be for McCain. It would be against Clintama. I can say for certain that my vote is for McCain. You want to talk about experience? He's got to be our man.

And can I just say that if I hear the phrases "Ready to lead on day one" and "Hope/Change we can believe in" one more time, I just may vomit?

Funny how this process can bring up so many references to vomit.


Kate said...

I'm really tired of all the campaigning. They all sound like robots now. I found it especially striking when comparing John McCain on The Daily Show a year ago and the most recent time. He's really funny and intelligent, but the most recent time, he was in full-on on-message mode. Blah.

I went to vote this afternoon and the lines were very long. I was excited to see that many people out and participating. I did want to do the caucus thing, but we had super-important choir practice for Easter. I mostly wanted to see it since it's not usually a big deal. =)

chewymama said...

your posts always make me laugh - vomitting on the machine LOL LOL LOL

honestly I didnt vote. I dont see a point. the Dems are going to win for president and Im not voting for either one of them. Dh says we are moving to canada if Hilary wins LOL.

Im not a politics person but I consider myself "conservative" morally, as a christian, etc. So I think a lot of "republicans" dont find the canditates actually "conservative" this time around, which is why they may choose to be labeled that instead republican. Like I said, I dont know a lot about this stuff though :)

K in the Mirror said...

I voted. The republican line was pretty short. Oh well. I figure it was probably my only chance to vote for Huckabee so I went ahead and did it even though it won't matter.

Alli said...

chewymama~ I have to disagree. I think with a moderate like John McCain, the repubs actually could win it. And current polls of a Clinton-McCain match up has McCain winning by a few points. But he loses in match-ups with Obama.

However, I was a little disheartened by the number of dems voting in this county, too. And watching the poll results last night on the "mother-ship channel" (Fox News), it seemed like in every state there were twice as many dems voting as repubs. Hmmmm.....