Monday, March 24, 2008


We are making progress with Stephen. I've spent so much time praying for him, over him, with him that God's probably helping us out just so we quit talking about it so much. Yesterday, Stephen really surprised me and did some really sweet, selfless things for his brothers (he even wiped Z's bum while Marc-Adam was passed out on my chest). And we had a long discussion last night and we ALL agreed that last night would be the last night that I was going to sleep in his room. That was even his idea. If he sleeps in his bed, while I sleep in mine, tonight and the next two nights, then he gets to spend the night with my IL's on Thursday. And I even threw in a trip to Wally World for a new computer game if he does well (although, I might change that to a new Webkinz since he's been asking for a new one). Because I'm desperate to be sleeping in my own bed again. I'm not sure it'll actually happen tonight. In fact, I'm about 80% sure that I'll still be camped out in their room by the end of the week. Maybe that's just the pessimist in me.

But really, even though we've had some tough moments when the attitude reared its ugly head, it has gotten better. I'm clinging to the progress and hoping that we keep moving in that direction to get things back to normal.


jenn said...

yay! steps in the right direction are great! I hope you get back in your own bed real soon :)

Beth said...

It certainly does sound like the right direction. The fact that he made that suggestion is outstanding. And if you ended up in there one more night that's ok; it's still progress.

I think if there's anyone who needs to take my post to heart it's you:) I hope you do keep thinking about it and do eventually post about it yourself. Please let me know if you do. I intend to write a few more on the topic and see how others manage to keep a shred of themselves in the midst of what we do all day, and then I could link to your post, etc. So maybe we'll have a little go back and forth between us and others can chime in too.

Hope you have a great day.