Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun Family Flick

I dare you to try to say that title 5 times fast.

Anyhoo, Sweet Hubby and I picked up Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the other day for us to watch while the kids were sleeping over at their grandparents' houses. We ended up falling asleep about 30 minutes into it (we are a wild and crazy couple of people), but those first 30 minutes were so cute and sweet that we decided to watch it as a family the next afternoon. The kids loved it and actually sat still for the majority of it.

It's just an all-around sweet, fun movie. It's colorful, funny and has a good message. There's one utterance of the word "idiot" (when Mr. Magorium was talking about his pet Zebra, Mortimer), but other than that, there's no potty humor, foul language or name-calling (which are the three biggies when I'm considering a movie for my kids).

So I give it two mommy thumbs up for a family movie. It's definitely fun for everyone.

Oh, and don't just turn it off when the credits start rolling...even the credits are entertaining!


K in the Mirror said...

We watched it last weekend and really liked it too. It did terribly in the theaters and got bad reviews, but we thought it was great. I think we'll probably end up buying it.

KatieBug said...

Good to know! My kids already picked up idiot from Toy Story so that is something we have already dealt with. :)