Saturday, March 22, 2008


I've been a little lazy with the upkeep of my blog, but I've finally updated my side bar. I had some old links up there (come to think of it, I might still need to change one). And I'm not at home, so I'm afraid I might be leaving out some really important link from my bookmarks. But I'll check again when I get a chance. So check out some of the newer additions (there's only a couple right now) if you feel browsing some new blogs....assuming of course, that you're not already reading all the ones I'm reading. :)

AND Happy Easter to you all. Honestly, I think Easter is my favorite holiday of all. I could do without all the pastel bunnies and chicks and sugar highs, though. My kids don't really even know that some families have the Easter Bunny come to their house. I don't think Zachary has ever had an Easter basket from us. I think Stephen had one for his first Easter and not since. But I honestly love Easter and the renewal I feel because of it. And I love that we get to spend time with family without the pressure of gifts. So Happy Easter. I hope you enjoy the pastel bunnies and chicks and sugar highs, if you like those kinds of things. But most of all I hope you are reminded of God's love for you. Because, really, that's what it's all about.


K in the Mirror said...

It's one of my favorites too. We do put out Easter baskets, but I've never mentioned the bunny. G asked me tonight if the treats were from me and I said Of course! Do you really think a big rabbit comes hopping in our house and gives you candy?

She's getting another webkinz. Any excuse to feed the addiction, right? And you know how I do love the sugar high. But you're right, that's not the point.

And I love so much that no matter how shallow and silly and webkinz-loving, creme egg-eating I am, God loves me enough to die for me. That is the best.

Love you.

Kate said...

I love this holiday, also. I hadn't thought about it, but it is a relief to not have to do gifts. We all get one amazing gift. Happy Easter!