Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Here it is! It's finished...well, almost.

For the last two weeks, we've Sweet Hubby has be been working his tail off (with a little lot of help) on fixing up our living areas in our house. Before, the carpet was hideous and mismatched. The wall color that we I picked when we first moved in was a poor choice because of the minimal natural lighting that our living room has. The drapes in the living room were old, yellowed and "retro" (as one friend pointed out..."retro" is not quite my style). The kitchen was just as bad. The cabinets were ugly and dingy and the floor was the perfect match for the cabinets...ugly and dingy. The playroom was just okay, but cluttered, disorganized and not a whole lot of fun. Here are the befores (minus befores of the playroom because I hadn't intended on fixing it up as soon as we did and didn't get pictures of it, but some of you know what it looked like before):

The living room:

View from dining area:

View from sliding door:

View from near playroom doorway:

The kitchen:

So, after hours and hours of hardwork, here's the end result (cue zingy makeover sound effects):

The living room view of dining area:

View from playroom:

View from the dining area:

Dining area and kitchen:


And our cute new playroom:

View from living room doorway:

View from entryway:

View from corner where the bookshelf used to be:

View from where bookshelf is now:

After looking at these pictures, I realize I neglected to take a picture of one corner of the playroom. I'll update later. Really, it's the same as before...for those of you that have seen it, it's the corner where the toy box is. The toy box is still there, but less full. The lid actually closes now.

We still need some finishing touches in all rooms. The kitchen cabinets and drawers are getting brushed nickel (looking) hardware. The big empty wall in the playroom is getting a large dry erase board and one more shelf from IKEA. And all rooms are getting rugs, eventually. I love our new look. Next project is to paint the outside of the house. It's pretty ugly, too. And then after that, I guess we'll get to the master bedroom. It's been neglected ever since...well, our master bedroom has always been neglected in design. But isn't everyone's?


chewymama said...

wow - that looks great Alli! Good job Gary!!! :)

KatieBug (ksl) said...

OH MY GOSH!!! That looks Awesome!! You must be so pleased. So nice and neat and organized. Send some of that this way. :)

4andcounting said...

Love it all! Especially the playroom. My heart longs for a playroom, at least some days. Great job!

Kate said...

Beautiful! I love it! It looks so much lighter and more open now. Good job!

LaughterThoughts said...

isn't that such a great feeling? it looks awesome. :)

i, too, would like a playroom. and a basement. and the playroom in the basement.:)

Elizabeth F. said...

What a difference the floor and paint make! So open and airy! What an awesome hubby. Can he come help me make-over my house? LOL! I love the play room too!