Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Great Gluten-Free Experiment

We're experimenting. Zachary's going gluten-free. Among other issues, we can't seem to get control of his eczema. We've narrowed down a couple of allergies, and since we've cut his allergens out, his eczema still isn't' much better, and I actually think it's spreading. We had the older boys tested for celiac disease 2 years ago, but I've read that the test may be inaccurate for kids under 5. So this is kind of a last ditch effort to get control of his eczema. For right now, it's just Zachary that's going gluten-free, but if we find that this seems to make things better, the whole house will go gluten-free so that home will always be a safe place for Zachary to eat. If this doesn't work, there's only one more thing that might. And, well frankly, I'd rather have the whole house go gluten-free than have to do the one last thing that might work.

So we've gotten together a sort of "gluten-free starter kit" (thanks, Mom!!). Some cereal, cookies, crackers, pasta and bread mix among a few other things (and a bread machine which makes me so very happy). What I really need and I'll be experimenting with is a recipe for gluten-free chicken nuggets. All will be right with Z's world as long as he can have PB&J (although, we use cashew butter for him now) and chicken nuggets with ketchup. And Aunt K, I'll be e-mailing you soon because I have a few questions.

I'll be updating the blog with our progress just to keep a record of how things are going. Wish us luck!!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Wow! Having the whole house be GF is going to be way easier for you than worrying about a mixed kitchen. I can tell you right now, the worst thing is eating out. My mom will have lots of tricks and tips for you though. Keep us posted!! With our whole family history, this may be something we have to deal with too at some point, in addition to just having mom here.

You've got me curious as to what the last thing is that's worse than going gluten free.

KatieBug (ksl) said...

I so did not even think about the gluten thing being a factor with CreamPuff's eczema. Lately it has been really bad and the creams don't seem to be doing anything. She wakes up in the night scratching and sometimes she makes herself bleed. Let me know how it goes and we may have to do our own experiment. I got tested for celiac, but we didn't get the boys tested and it was before CreamPuff was born.

Alli said...

Grrr, I just lost a whole long comment.

Once we had him tested, it never occurred to me either that this might be a celiac issue. But my dad talked to Aunt Linda and she said she could tell when her kids had had gluten while they were out because they would get irritable, get dark circles under their eyes and their eczema would flare up. My dad couldn't believe it because those are the same issues Z has.

The creams never do much for him either and if they do it's only for a day or two before it comes back with a vengeance. He scratches until he's raw and's just terrible.

I've never been tested, and if it weren't for my kids, I probably wouldn't since my dad tested negative. I'm not sure how genetics work for CD (if my dad even carries the gene). But I'm going to get tested soon, just to be safe. And if it turns out that this diet helps Z, I'm going to push for more testing for him to get an official diagnosis.

chewymama said...

You know I know how hard cutting something out is, so Im here if you need me! My kids both have dark circles under their eyes - the allergic "shiner" as their allergist calls it. Theirs are from enviromental allergies though like weeds, grass, etc. C's excema did completely disappear as soon as we cut out soy and diary though. Have you considered skin testing? both boys were done when they were 3. That narrowed it right down for us. GL, I know its hard, but you can do it! :)