Thursday, June 28, 2007


The creepiest feeling in the world: stepping, barefoot, on a grape on the kitchen floor.

The creepiest sound in the world: a baby, who has only 3 teeth, learning to grind his single top tooth and one of his bottom 2 teeth.


*Stay tuned early next week to catch a glimpse of our home makeover!*


chewymama said...

ewww Ive stepped on a grape before - I agree, creepy! And J used to grind her 4 teeth together - I hate that!

ksl said...

I HATE the teeth grinding stage!! I hope it passes quickly.

Jenn said...

I almost DIED when chloe learned to grind her first few teeth! Bah! *shudder*

k said...

I hate the teeth grinding thing more than almost anything else!!

Life With All Boys said...

Carter is still grinding his teeth. It's been MONTHS!!