Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Through the worst

Just wanted to give one more update on the TV withdrawal. There have been a few tantrums, and lots of whining and throwing of self on floor. And the kids haven't reacted all that well, either. But we're making it through and I think it's actually getting better. They are playing on their own much more instead of following me around all.stinkin'.day saying "What are we going to do next, Mommy?" We've done lots of fun things and spent lots of time annoying each other together. This morning we made home-made sidewalk paint. In the process we covered ourselves, each other, the kitchen and breakfast room in corn starch. Just to make sure that we had plenty to do later when we I would have to clean it up.

Now, the TV is a privilege, so they do get to watch it a little bit. One or two 20 minute shows a day if they stay in bed all night and take a good nap. I'm still considering cutting the satellite out altogether. I can't seem to bring myself to it. But it will probably happen soon.

I'm glad we did it. I feel much better as a mother without the help of Miss Spider, Diego, Blue, Mickey, and all of their colorful little friends!


Life With All Boys said...

I'd be the one having the tantrums too! Hee hee!!! No TV is not something I'd want to do, but I also would never let my boys just zone out in front of it either. And it's summer now....all we do is play outside!!!

Steve's Baby said...

I cut back a lot of my TV... but not nearly enough yet. But I wanna know how you made sidewalk paint!

chewymama said...

i was going to ask how this was going! good for you, Im glad its going so well. Id like to cut the sattelite too but Im not sure I can talk dh into it ;)