Saturday, February 03, 2007

Because things should never be too easy

I meant to mention that we finally got our van back. Exactly one month later. It's all shiny and fixed and smelling like....paint. Yech! I keep asking Sweet Hubby if he's sure the fumes aren't killing our children's brain cells. Not too worried about mine for some reason.

Anyway, even though it's obvious that the lady who hit us was in the wrong, she and her insurance company are refusing to accept responsibility. Her insurance company told me that our statements are "inconsistent and don't match." Well, DUH!! Like the lady would tell her insurance company, "Yes, I ran that stop sign and completely ignored that the other driver the right of way...I thought that we would just simply pass through each other." The lady even called our police dept to speak with the supervisor of the officer who wrote her a ticket for the wreck and chewed him out.

And we had a witness...a wrecker driver who was there on the scene almost as soon as it happened. He was very nice and was making sure everyone was okay and told me he would pull my car out of the intersection for me (at which point I totally blew him off because I thought my car was still drivable). He told Sweet Hubby that he saw the whole thing and that it wasn't my fault. He hauled the thing off to the body shop he worked for. But we didn't want to leave our car there. We live in a small town and we haven't heard good things about this place. So when we tried to get it moved, they hassled and harassed us about it. We finally got it moved though. The other lady, however, left her car there to be fixed. Can I secretly say that there is a small part of me deep down inside that secretly hopes she got ripped off? Not very loving of me, eh?

Anyway, so apparently since her "story" doesn't match mine, her insurance company was going to give the wrecker driver a call and then they would probably have to go with his statement. But guess what? The wrecker driver is now saying he didn't see a thing. He was just in the parking lot across the street and heard it happen. PANTS ON FIRE!! That's a big fat lie and he knows it. But I predicted that would happen as soon as the insurance company said that they were going to ask him...I knew that those guys were crooked and since we didn't leave our vehicle there, they weren't going to help us out.

SO, we had to pay the deductible to get our car out while our insurance company fights hers. And hopefully *fingers crossed* they will eventually accept responsibility and pay us that money back.

Fun stuff, lemme tell ya....


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh gosh, so frustrating! I only hope that this situation is taken care of and that the truth will be brought to light... you will be blessed some other way, I believe!

Robin said...

I feel your pain. One year ago on Feb 16th I was rear ended in a horible accident. I was 5 months pregnant at the time. The 2 other cars still haven't settled who's fault it was. It wasn't mine. I was sitting still at a stop light when someone going 50mph ran into the back of me. But we paid our deductable and still have not seen a dime. VERY frusterating.

LaughterThoughts said...

any news?
(still crossing my fingers for you!)

Mamacita Tina said...

Talk about stress. It's very frustrating when others won't tell the truth just to get things their way. At least the police officer and ticket back you up. I would think that holds a lot of weight in your favor. Hope this comes to a positive resolve soon.

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