Saturday, July 01, 2006

Love Hurts

Ok, so I know this is a silly subject to write about, but my kids are my life so whatever happens in their life is huge in my life.

Stephen's first "lovie" had to be retired. He literally loved that thing till it's guts would fall out all over the house. His name was "Baby Animal Baby Bear" but we called him Baby Bear. Stephen actually stole him from his Nonny's house a little over a year ago and since then has hardly gone anywhere without him. From the quality of love he received Baby Bear developed hand, neck and stomach wounds (in addition to a loose eye and a scuffed up nose). When I kept finding pieces of Baby Bear scattered around the house, we went to Hobby Lobby. They have the supplies to do a "Build a Bear" type thing (for wayyyyy cheaper) and we built "Super Bear". Stephen seems to love him just as much as Baby Bear and now Baby Bear is now sitting high on a shelf to avoid any more injuries (other than the inevitable layer of dust it will receive). So, RIP, Baby Bear....thanks for the memories.


ksl said...

I love the new bear. I am now on my third baby blanket. Gram made the first two and my mom made the last one when she left the second on in a hotel bed. He may take that bear to college:)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I'm just on my second blanket, but I did take it to college... and still sleep with it every night.