Monday, July 03, 2006

The Miracle of Babies

My dearest friend, Alison, gave birth to her first baby yesterday. She went into labor at 1 in the morning and labored for 15 (I think) hours-without epidural-before they decided that baby wasn't coming out through pushing. Just a bit later, Elizabeth Nell entered this world via c-section weighing a healthy 10 lbs 6 oz!! No wonder she wouldn't come out...she couldn't! Alison was a trooper and was the hero of the day yesterday to everyone in the waiting room waiting for little Elizabeth. Elizabeth is an angel and so beautiful....she has no idea how much she was wanted, anticipated and how much she is loved! I hate goodbyes and hate that I can't be with the people I love and I always cry when I have to leave Alison....this time I held it together till I got out to the car to leave, but I still cried. Today I had to leave Alison and that sweet little baby!

Elizabeth is a miracle and I am so glad she is here!

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

Wow that's a big baby! I'm so glad for Alison!!!