Friday, July 07, 2006

Out of the mouths of brothers

Stephen has recently started an obsession with sticks. I don't let him bring them in the house (can you imagine stepping on tiny sticks and twigs in the middle of the night?? must be something like stepping on legos or Barbie shoes). So anytime we leave to go somewhere he plays with his sticks for a few minutes. Today, he took a stick with him in the car. I watched him play with it a few minutes... then I watched as a light bulb seemed to go off and he turned to Zachary and said, "Wanna bite?"

(note to self: add this to the things I never thought I'd have to say--"Don't feed your brother sticks!")


k said...

Oh, the things we do to our younger siblings. Bully that I was, I once made your father eat a mudpie by telling him that I would tell Mama on him if he didn't. So he ate it, with muddy tears running down his face. And, of course, when she came to see what the problem was, guess who got in trouble. In answer to the obvious question ("WHY did you do it?"), she explained that IF I had been dumb enough to tell on him, that she wouldn't have made him eat it. (In our family the phrase "Mama said" had the power to move mountains. So I occasionally used it to my own twisted purposes.)

ksl said...

My boys feed woodchips to the dog sometimes. He will be choking and gagging over in the corner of the yard and when I go to check on him a woodchip will pop out. Z didn't eat it right?

k said...

This is random and has nothing to do with particular post, but a brain cell just sprang to life as I reread your profile. "Love to sew". What are your aspirations in that department? I still have a little of Gram's sewing stuff--quilt books and supplies, fabric, odds and ends of various sorts. Are you interested?

Alli said...

Oh wow Aunt K...that sounds great. I pretty much stink at it at this point, but I've made a dress for my friend's baby, I've made several aprons (even eBayed a few) and am hoping to make Marc-Adam's bedding. I'm not sure about quilting though. My only aspiration is to do and be good at least one thing "domestic" and for some reason sewing seems to be it. I've gotten a few books and such from my Grandma and if it's something I could use, I'd love to have Gram's stuff. Do you have my e-mail address?

ksl, no I intervened before Z had a chance to even acknowledge Stephen's offer.

k said...

I can get your email from kep and will check and see exactly what I have and let you know. When we have the clan gathering in Oct, I can bring stuff to you. (And give yourself a little more credit.
:-) If you're selling your stuff on eBay, you don't stink at what you are doing. I would venture to say that you just have very high standards, which is fine--as long as you don't beat yourself up for not being "good enough".)