Monday, July 17, 2006

Still holding my status

I've never been "cool". I never traveled in the "cool" group in high school and I'm not the "cool" friend that everyone wants to have. I've always been okay with that...the cool kids didn't have anything I thought I wanted or needed and my friends don't like me for my cool factor. That sort of status has never been a goal of mine (as reflected in my hair cut and wardrobe). But this morning, Stephen came up to me and said, "Mom, you are a cool grown up". I never thought that being "cool" would mean so much to me! I feel I'm "in". I get to sit at the cool table at lunch and hang around the cool kids at the mall (at the playarea, but still, I'm at the mall with the cool kids). So, it's good to know that I'm still holding my status in his mind. I haven't yet embarrassed him by kissing him or holding his hand in front of his friends. I haven't yet made him roll his eyes because I'm so uncool because I use words like "cool". He hasn't yet felt like he wants the ground to open up and swallow him simply because of my existence. I think when that day comes, though, I'll be okay. Still, being cool isn't a goal of mine especially in the overall span of motherhood. But somehow, I feel cool...simply because my 3 year old, who changes his mind on all things just about every minute and a half, told me so. Somehow, that's more validation than I ever wanted or needed in high school. And somehow, I still feel young, because my kid thinks I'm cool. How cool is that?


k said...

That is WAY cool!

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Amazing how your child's validation is way better than anything you used to think you wanted. :) I'm with you. I don't know though if I'll be okay with it when she decides i'm not cool. I may not be popular, but darn it, I'm cool!!

ksl said...

It may take a long time before he thinks your not cool if you homeschool. He won't have anyone to tell him otherwise! It is just the best thing to have your kid tell you that you are cool, and you didn't even have to get rid of your mini van. :)

beth said...

Dude, that is totally cool!

What a wonderful compliment he has paid you. Well said. It really is amazing how much more satisfying a well timed hug, smile, or kiss is than any of the feedback we tried to get in high school.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll be back.

kate said...

that is THE coolest. like, cooler than the fonz cool.

i SO hope that my kid says that to me someday. what a treat.

(thanks for the fun reading--found you thru beth @ total mom)