Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's funny 'cause it's true

Sweet Hubby and I caught this guy on TV tonight, and when he started talking about IKEA, I told Hubby, "That's so true, remember the bunk beds?" Our boys have IKEA bunk beds that we've had to put together a couple of different times. And then the guy started talking about bunk beds.

We laughed ourselves silly.


Sheryl said...

Oh my word! That is so funny! We have been there a time or two (or hundred!) Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Too, too, true! Of course, in our house, Ryan does the work and I FLEE. I can tell when he's done when the cursing stops. And he totally agrees about the random extra part that they give you to mess with your head. But now he can put together a Billy bookcase in his sleep.

wendy said...

thanks, alli!

your babies are gorgeous! I agree-I love reading what moms who have babies close to jonas's age are doing...especially to make sure I'm on track and not crazy!

Jasmine said...

How funny!!