Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching up...a picture post

I finally uploaded some pictures from my camera to the computer. So here's the story of the big things going on in our lives since Evie arrived.

Stephen had a big weekend last weekend. Saturday was "Mayfest" at the gym we go to for gymnastics. Mayfest is really just a time when the kids get to show off what they've been learning. Stephen's been working extra hard, so he was really excited to show us what he can do. (I apologize for the quality of the pictures...it's hard to get good pictures of moving kids and I also wanted to avoid posting pictures where other kids' faces are clear which cut down on my options.)

Stephen stretching...he's the one in the middle of the picture. I show this picture only so you can see just how flexible this kid is...he's almost in a full split with his head down.

"T"-what they do after they've landed and stuck it.



Pommel Horse

Mayfest Trophy

I love looking at these pictures because in the pictures of him actually doing something he looks so intense but in between he's all smiles. I think he really enjoys gymnastics. Jonathon Horton (winner of the silver medal in the all-around at the Beijing Olympics) trained at this gym way back when and is coming back to train for the 2012 Olympics...I heard that he may even be working with some of the boys. Stephen thinks that's cool and I'm super-excited about it.

Zachary and Marc-Adam performing their own little routines while watching Stephen at Mayfest.

Stephen also had his first performance in children's choir. He even had a line, "Look at that old shoe!" He did great and loved being in the choir. Again, not a great picture, and I have a ton more, but don't want to post faces of other kids.

Also happening this week, Evie's first bath. Her umbilical cord finally fell off so she got her first good bath.

As you can see, it was a family affair. The boys were so excited for her and kept telling her how brave she was....as if a bath were something to be afraid of. :)

And just for fun, Marc-Adam, wearing some kind of Batman scuba goggles.

And Evie and I were left alone for a little while last week, so we played dress-up. I started trying all her bows on her. They are all still a little big for her, so we're sticking to the little bows that I stick to her head with Karo syrup, but she still looks awful cute with these big ol' bows on her head.


Mommy Daisy said...

Great photos. They are all growing up and looking so much bigger. Evie is just adorable with that bow on her head. SO GIRLIE! I love it.

nicole said...

Your bow looks great! I need to make some more, but I know they won't look that good.

Kate said...

I love the gymnastics pictures and Evie is so adorable. I love the giant bow. And corn syrup sounds a little neater than tape like my mom used. =) I love hearing about how she did that to me and I think about Evie laughing in years to come--Mom, you did what??

chewymama said...

so sweet! i love the picture of them all around her to give her a bath - warmed my heart. :)

Herrera/Smith Troop said...

Thanks for sharing. How old is your oldest now? I remember when we first meet in the park in Hempstead. Evie looks so small with that bow on her head.