Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random tidbits

Eesh, I didn't realize it had been since Saturday that I last blogged. The days are all blurring together, I guess. So because I have nothing to really say, you're getting the bullet point list.

  • We got a letter in the mail today saying that as of May 1st, out insurance is changing. Ahem. You might be able to see why this caused me to panic and maybe hyperventilate. Aside from all of Sweet Hubby's issues, I'm also planning major surgery in 14 days. Now's NOT the time to start making changes on me. I immediately called the benefits hotline and made sure that my doctor and hospital were still in network. I already had my argument all prepared that I under no circumstances was going to change my doctor OR hospital at this point in my pregnancy and that they were going to pay the same amount that the previous insurance company would have paid. The hotline lady assured me that everything (coverage, deductible, annual out of pocket, etc) were going to transfer over and that everything is going to be just fine. It's a shame, though, I really was in the mood for a fight. BUT, I'm glad I won't have to stress too much about this's still a pain, though.
  • Tomorrow, Sweet Hubby and I are taking the two older boys out on dates. I'm taking Stephen to see Earth and Hubby's taking Zachary fishing. Marc-Adam gets a date with his Nonny. I've been wanting to do something special with the kids before Evie comes. This morning I had the bright idea that we'd take them to the children's museum (they've recently had a major overhaul and it's supposed to be really cool). Then I decided that wasn't a great idea, because the last thing I need to do is to take them to a giant germ incubator so that they get sick and can't come see the baby when she's born OR that I get sick from them and have to recover from abdominal surgery while also recovering from a cough like when Marc-Adam was born. The boys were so excited when we told them we're taking them on dates. I thought Stephen was going to cry...he's been dying to see Earth.
  • Now that we're getting closer to "D-Day", I'm getting less ancy about getting this over with. I didn't even wake up this morning trying to remember how many days left. I've been stressing slightly about the stuff I want to try to get before or very soon after she gets here (but none of it is really necessary...more wants than needs), but other than that, the closer we get, the more calm I am. I'm feeling a little bit more anxiety, too, about the actual surgery part (I need to stop watching the baby birthing shows), so I've been in prayer about that a lot.
  • In other baby news, I've been having lots of contractions (about 3-5 an hour) for the last week or so. Some (but not all) are pretty painful. I thought for sure that I would be dilating at least a little, but no. I had a doctor's appointment this past Monday, and I wasn't dilated AT ALL. On the one hand, I was glad because I'm still not technically full term, and I want her to stay in as long as possible (up to May 7), but on the other hand, it was frustrating that I'd been having all those contractions for nothing. I don't really want any surprises this time, so I'd rather not go into labor before my c-section date, but geez.
  • We've been working on getting the house clean this week. It's actually looking pretty good, and if I can just maintain for the next couple weeks, I'll feel good about coming home to what it looks like now when I get out of the hospital. I'm proud of myself for getting as much done as I've been able to do this week. I still have the utility room to clean out and the boys room to straighten (they'll help me with that in the next day or so), and I'd really like to get in the playroom and weed out a bunch of toys, but other than that, things are looking pretty good. I even scaled Mt. Laundry and now it's just a little molehill.


Jana said...

Only 14 days - holy cow! You sound like you've got everything pretty well pulled together and ready to go. You made me laugh about looking for a fight with the insurance people...they ought to know not to mess with a very pregnant lady!

chewymama said...

you are so close! :) We do special dates all the time now - its kind of necessary with four, individual time is hard. it may just be running an errand with daddy, but he'll get them a little something special usually. Noah and I like to go out to lunch :)

Sheryl said...

I did a special date with each of my boys right before Aisling was born. It's a special memory that we have. I love it! It won't be long now girl!