Monday, April 13, 2009

Eye on the prize

Now that Easter is behind us, I have nothing else in front of me except the birth of our 4th baby. I've been living week to week, or actually event to event, and now that all the big Easter events are over, I feel like I can squarely focus on the last few weeks of this pregnancy. I think I'm ready, emotionally and mentally, for her to come at any time. And at this point, I'm thinking the sooner the better, but I realize that now I'm all prepared, I'll probably have to wait till our scheduled date. Which is great, too, but I'm just ready. Ready to turn the page on this pregnancy, and ready to start a new chapter with my family.

Everything's just about prepared. Although, I'm trying to think of things to keep myself busy for the next couple weeks. I definitely need to clean...all rooms need to be straightened, and I'm planning on cleaning out the utility room and playroom. I'm hoping to get my steam mop next week, so I can clean properly clean the floors without getting down on my hands and knees like I usually do. The bathrooms and kitchen need to be scrubbed, and I'm hoping to start stocking up our freezer with meals that can be quickly and easily prepared. I also want to sew a new cover for our boppy. Thursday, I get to visit my dearest friend and then that night a few ladies from my church are throwing me a baby shower for girly stuff. So I guess I have enough (in addition to just regular life of being with and caring for my boys) to keep me busy and to keep me from going crazy in the next few weeks. Now if only I could get enough energy and pain relief to actually accomplish all those things....

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