Monday, April 06, 2009

Now available at your local convenience store!

Stephen ran some errands with my dad the other day while we were visiting my folks. After they came home, my mom and I were chatting with him about what they did and where they went. He told us they went to the mega-convenience store near their house and my mom asked him what they needed there. He tried several times to get the words out, but his little tangue got all tungled tongue got all tangled and this was all he could manage:

"Gice and @ss."

He knew as soon as he said it that it wasn't right.

It sounded like he said, "Guys and @ss."


"Ice and gas?" we asked.

"YES! Yes. ICE and GAS!"


Kate said...

How did you not lie on your back on the floor, legs up in the air, shrieking with laughter? =)

Alli said...

Kate, who said I didn't? I was laughing so hard I was crying and started having a contraction. I laughed for so long that Stephen finally said, "Okay, Mom, it wasn't that funny."