Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today is my Sweet Stephen's birthday, and I've been stewing a birthday letter in my head all day. But I've just now been able to get in front of the computer and my brain is fried and beyond tired. So let's pretend that the 27th lasts about 12-14 hours longer than any other day, and I'm going to get his letter written tomorrow morning.

And to prove how I'm actually am working at diminished brain capacity, I'll leave you with this. I went to the OB yesterday, and of course as soon as I got there, they asked for a *ahem* sample. So I went to the bathroom to oblige, and forgot to leave the sample. I remembered just as it was too late. I felt like such moron. The nurse was very nice and said I wasn't the only one. She told me that one lady said that she missed the cup completely. That made me feel mildly better. I kept laughing at myself because I knew that I had to keep laughing just to keep from crying. I've been feeling so stupid lately and frustrated with how stupid I feel.


chewymama said...

i totally understand {{hugs}} i resorted to praying for my brain, that Id remember what I was supposed to, because it just wasnt happening on its own! you are normal and you are doing great!!!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Well, Happy Birthday Stephen!