Monday, January 19, 2009


After a playdate we had this afternoon, Stephen was recounting how many pets his new friend had. He then announced that while he really wanted a dog, he also thought a guinea pig would be nice. Zachary asked him what a guinea pig is and Stephen replied:

"Well. It's kinda like a rat...just a little bit cuter."

Yes, my dear, just a tiny bit cuter. But not enough to convince me we should get one.


nicole said...

I'm getting pressure from all sides to get a cat. Even my husband is in on it.

Kate said...

I think that guinea pigs are the gateway drug of rodents--they're the cutest and least stinky. I love my dog, but we've agreed that when she goes to the big doghouse in the sky, we won't have another. I'm sure that will be fun to explain to any future kids--mommy and daddy used to have a doggie, but YOU can't have one. =)

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