Sunday, January 11, 2009

Large and in charge

I'm going to be 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow. That means I have about 17 weeks left until Evie makes her arrival. And y'all. I'm just a little smaller than I was when I had Zachary. I carried Zachary smaller than I did the other two (and he was the biggest baby, go figure), and in another week or two, I'll probably be as big as I was when he was born. One the one hand, I worry about growing for 17 more weeks, but on the other hand, I remember how miserable I was with Zachary because he was taking up every inch of me. I keep thinking that maybe if I carry this baby more out instead of back, then I might be able to eat and you know, breathe at the end.

For a while, I was worried about the baby being too big, but at the ultrasound, she was measuring exactly to her dates. So it's just me. Fourth pregnancy I guess. I actually am measuring about a week and a half ahead of my dates.

I actually can't wait to see what I look like when I'm near the end. I've never had a really big belly.


kelli said...

Just for kicks, you should measure it. I bet you're almost up to what mine is normally, when I'm not pregnant. :) The week before Luke was born my waist was FIFTY INCHES.

Alli said...

I can't believe I'm doing this...

At my widest point, I'm just shy of 36 inches. I'm not saying what I am when I'm not pregnant.

bj said...

For us "larger than we want to be" we appreciate you keeping that info to yourself.


Anonymous said...

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