Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow, I didn't realize it had been several days since I last blogged...this week got away from me.

So, goodbye to 2008. Unlike many, 2008 was actually a pretty great year for us. There were a few things that didn't go our way or like we had planned, but there were many many things that were just plain good. Not "over the top, never gonna happen again" good things, but life in 2008 was a bit more...comfortable. Maybe it's my age and maturity, but I found myself content in 2008. We had a lot of great times, came through a lot and most importantly, found ourselves as a family of almost 6. But above that, I've somehow stumbled upon a peace that I've never experienced before.

I'm really looking forward to 2009. Even if nothing "over the top" great happens this year (besides actually becoming a family of 6), I hope I can continue being content in each and every day. I hope I can be a blessing to my family that they may be content in their days. And I hope this peace lingers, and that I can pass it on.

In 2009, may you find joy in the little things, love in the quiet moments, and peace that you didn't have before.


Kate said...

Happy new year! I am glad that 2008 was good for you and hope that 2009 is even better. Being content is very good--you do inspire me.

chewymama said...

Its the peace that surpasses all understanding - He's the Prince of Peace! I know you sought Him this year and He is faithful. So glad to hear it was a good year. May He bless you and keep you in 09!