Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dear

Tomorrow, my Sweet Hubby has a birthday. I keep teasing him that he's "30 minus 1". It's much more fun to say than '29'. I also tease him about how much older he is than me but I also poke fun at him by asking him at what point he plans on actually growing up. He's a good sport about it all.

My hubby, he's a good one. There are many many things that make him great, and most of them are little things that I might take for granted too often. Here are a few.

~I never ever have to ask him to take the trash out. It's always done before it gets too full or starts to smell. And if I've thrown something away that I know will start to smell soon, all I have to say is "I put something smelly in the trash earlier" and before I know it, there's a new fresh bag in the can.

~He's often cleaner than I am. He always hangs up his towel and rarely leaves dirty clothes on the floor. He also picks up his dishes. I'm not always good about any of those things.

~He works hard. He works 13-14 hour days and when he's home, he's always busy doing something...whether it be playing with/tending to the boys, helping with the dishes in the kitchen, mowing the lawn or crawling in the attic to find the source of the noises that have been keeping me up at night. Even when he's "relaxing", he's still doing something with his hobbies. He is the opposite of lazy.

~He worries about me. It's not that I want him to worry or feel uneasy about me, but I like that he worries. If I've been sick or not feeling well, he calls me often to check on me, and he immediately starts telling his bosses/colleagues that if I need him, he'll have to leave and he starts planning for that situation.

~He's just nice. He's a nice guy and anyone that spends any time with him knows that and sees it right away. He's got great manners and is always polite. He's always respectful toward anyone he meets. It's one of the things that I noticed about him right away and I knew then that he was a great guy. And it has not changed one bit.

~We have great conversation. I'm rarely bored with him. Even if it's been weeks since we've been able to really talk or have some alone time, we just pick right up where we left off and never feel like we have nothing to talk about.

~He makes me laugh--that's not always been the case. He didn't have that great of a sense of humor when we first met, but he's really loosened up over the last few years, and now he constantly catches me off guard with one-liners or witty responses. I still don't expect that from him. Which makes it even funnier.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sweet Hubby! Before we got married, I'd always heard people talk about how they were more in love after 10 or 20 or 30 years of marriage than they were when they first got married. I never really understood how that could happen, but I see it now.

Hubby, I love you for who you are and a little more every day. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and that you accomplish everything you've set out to do this year. You are one in a million and I'm blessed that we get to go through this life together.

*On a side note: I realized yesterday that I've already spent a third of my life loving my Sweet Hubby. So cool.


Jana said...

How sweet! I hope he has a great day!

Mommy Daisy said...

SO nice! Happy Birthday to your hubby.

Anonymous said...

You are right! My son-in-law is the best. Your Dad and I have always said that if we had a son we would want him to be just like your Sweet Hubby. We passed you into good hands 8 years ago. Happy B-Day Son.

Love Mom and Dad