Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Soooo...? How's it going??

Merry Christmas everyone! I know that these days life can be very busy, but I've noticed that many of my favorite bloggers aren't around much. I'm really interested in how the holiday plans are going and what your plans are for the next two days (or a week if you're the New Year's kinda partier). I'm used to getting little glimpses into your daily lives and not knowing how things are going during the holidays is making me miss you.

So. Leave a comment on my blog to let me know how your holidays are shaping up or you know, BLOG about it and leave your link in the comment section. ;)

Love all around.


LaughterThoughts said...

well, we just made our reindeer food... because you gotta feed Santa's helpers, too, right?:)

Mommy Daisy said...

I've been busy busy. Baking, packing, etc. I have been updating Twitter occassionally even though I've practically ignored my blog this week. I'm hoping for a chance to get a post uploaded today.

chewymama said...

its going ok. its just us this year so its not a huge occasion - which is good because id probably lose my mind if i tried to have company right now. mom comes in tomorrow night, late. we are doing a big dinner on the 26th - brisket, cheesey potatoes (so evil we only have them once a year!), green bean casserole (soy-free, dairy-free version), homemade rolls and apple cobbler :)

nicole said...

Very busy. I'll post about it soon.