Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, we had our ultrasound yesterday afternoon. The tech lady told me to drink lots of water and I did (over 30 oz!) and then she was 30 minutes late for my appointment. I felt like going postal on the waiting room full people just so I could get the ultrasound and go to the bathroom already! Just as I was threatening whining to the receptionist, the tech came out to take me back. She told me she just needed to get a few good pictures and then I could go empty my bladder. But a few minutes in to the ultrasound, she announced that I was too small to be able to get good pictures, so I needed to keep the full bladder. Another 30 minutes later (let's count this...pregnant lady needing to use the bathroom for over an HOUR now), she was finally done and and I waddled and danced to the bathroom, afraid to run. It made it really hard to enjoy all the awesome looks we were getting at the baby when I all I could think about was that I might wet myself if she pressed just a little harder with that wand thingy.

But all in all, it was great. It was such a relief to see this little child and he or she is absolutely perfect. All the little parts are there and Baby looks just like the older brothers did at this point. I forgot to scan the pictures while I was at my parents' house yesterday evening, so I don't have any to share here. But take my word for it, Baby is precious and I can't wait to meet this little person.

And no, I'm not telling pink or blue yet. We're waiting to be able to tell our parents and kids at the same time at Christmas. I'm really looking forward to that. It'll be great to have everyone together to find out at the same time.


Jana said...

I'm so glad that Baby is healthy and perfect! I can't wait to see the scanned pictures - ultrasound pictures are so cool.

nicole said...

Yea for a good report.

Kate said...

I'm so excited for you!